Programs and schemes

Ready to cater training needs of all the sectors.

Train with experts, work with professionals

We train the aspirants not for the sake of training them, but making sure that their full potential is brought to good use. So, how do we do that? By empowering one and all, crafting them into ideal candidates.

Vocational Training

At CMC Skills , we offer skill development programmes in various sections of construction, apparel, IT/ITeS, hospitality, retail sectors, to name a few. We have well-equipped state-of-the-art training centres to give aspirants hands-on training in industry-simulated domain labs. Additional training in spoken English, digital literacy and life skills help students become completely job-ready.

Our training modules are industry-endorsed as per National Occupational Standards (NOS) that cater to a wide range of segments, ranging from school going students (Class IX - XII) and dropouts to diploma holders and undergraduates/graduates.

Corporate Training

Organisations are focusing on the core strengths of their employees, and outsourcing expertise for the non-core areas. One such non-core area is the complete training process. CMC Skills  partners with various organisations for training process where complete responsibility of the training lies with the CMC Skills.

We partner with the clients, conduct studies, and provide consultation for the establishment of these academies,which will be designed to ensure performance and productivity.

Further, we create customised content in English and other local languages, develop testing and certification mechanisms, select and groom trainers, and establish review and audit processes.

CSR Projects for Corporates

The investment potential of Corporate Social Responsibility in India is expanding after revision in the Companies Act, 2013. Under Corporate Social Responsibility, a large number of Corporates are focusing on employability based skilling initiatives.

We, at CMC Skills, conduct programmes regarding skill development, women empowerment and vocational training. We have experience in providing employability related training across sectors like IT/ITeS, telecommunication, apparel, construction, retail, hospitality, to name a few.


'Source Train Hire' Solutions

At CMC Skills,we offer 'Source Train Hire' solutions, which include recruiting, hiring, orientation, training and long-term integration. Our talent acquisition process encompasses 3 core phases:

Mobilisation and Counselling: Our mobilisation team strives hard to identify potential candidates across vast networks and helpthem pass through extensive counselling sessions that determine the skills, experience, and suitability of each of our candidate.

Industry Specific Training: These candidates are then trained in domain specific labs that are built according to industry requirements. It helps them understand the industry requirements and working environments.

Placements: Upon successful completion of training, the candidates are placed at various locations where our placement partners are based. They are paid decent salaries, which give them a sense of self-esteem. We also ensure that the candidates are provided with suitable food and lodging-boarding facilities by their employers.

Assessing: This process ranges from an initial in-person meeting to a comprehensive Graduate Employability Assessment programme.