Who we are

Moving forward in life,

an individual need to believe in his or her capabilities and possess skills to create wonders.

Understanding this reality, we, CMC Skills , came into existence as a reliable skill development agency to train and improve the skills of people belonging to different strata of the society, there by, empowering them to make progress in society.

We are working across the landscape of our country with a refined and momentous concept of skill development. With our innovative and practical approach, we have been able to bring a prominent change in the society by promoting sustainable livelihoods among the people of different genders and age groups residing in urban or rural spaces. We have become the medium for creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for a large number of people by introducing them to our education  and training programs plans. Our skill development and vocational training programmes are devised to groom and train people and enable them to contribute towards the GDP of the nation.

At CMC Skills, we aim at delivering transformative training, which helps transform the socio-economic situation of individuals, and thereby directly contribute to increased national prosperity.

CMC Skills

Believes, supports and works towards:

Educate to Empower

  • Education is not just meant to acquire knowledge, instead it is directed towards empowering a person.
  • We empower people to excel on professional as well as personal level.

Train to thrive

  • The training process is directed towards the holistic development of the people associated with us
  • Our trainers adopt the most advanced methods and styles for each training programme.

Progress to Prosper

  • We contribute in guiding people towards the path of progress.
  • The training programmes are not limited to the skill development only, but involves growth and grooming as well, which ultimately lead to bring prosperity.


"We look forward to make the Indian youth skilled, educated, employed and self-dependent, which can accelerate our country’s progress towards becoming a developed economy."


"We work towards the upliftment of the society, with a view to bring enhanced levels of the socio economic stability across the length and breadth of India."